News / Events 7/24/2017
  • Our office accepts credit cards for payments on accounts, copies, and advanced costs. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
  • You can now go to and search mortgage and conveyance indices of all participating parishes at no charge. If you find a record that you would like to access, the portal will connect you to the website of that specific Clerk of Court.
Criminal Records Department
The Criminal Department is divided into two sections:
Criminal Records Department – maintains and controls all criminal (felony, misdemeanor and
traffic) records, criminal non-support records, and juvenile records. 

Criminal Processing Department – files all Criminal pleadings and issues notices thereof.  They
issue subpoenas for Criminal trials and hearings.  They also input all arraignments, motions, trials
and other hearings on the Criminal court calendar.  The Index Books for Criminal charges dating back to the 1900's are also available in this division of the Criminal Department.
(Click here for the Criminal Processing Department.)
The Criminal Records Department is located on the 1st floor of the Clerk of Court’s Office.
Ph:   (985) 868-5660
Fax:  (985) xxx-xxxx

Supervisor:  Macy Duplantis


The Criminal Files Department maintains and controls all Criminal (felony, misdemeanor and
traffic) records, Criminal non-support records, and juvenile records.  They also receive and place
these matters into the computer system. 
All original Criminal records are also located in this division of the Criminal Department.  Records that are needed for the Criminal proceedings set on the Court docket are pulled for Court in the Criminal Records Department.
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