Early voting for the October 14 election is Saturday, September 30, through Saturday, October 7, 2017 (except Sunday) from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Registrar of Voters office located on the 1st floor of the Government Towers building located @ 8026 Main St. Call 873-6533 for more information.

News / Events 9/25/2017
  • You can now go to www.laclerksportal.org and search mortgage and conveyance indices of all participating parishes at no charge. If you find a record that you would like to access, the portal will connect you to the website of that specific Clerk of Court.
  • In accordance with Act 173 of the 2017 Regular Legislative Session, changes to recording fees will become effective on August 1, 2017. Click on the Fees link to access the new fee schedule.
  • Early voting for the October 14 election is Saturday, September 30, through Saturday, October 7, 2017 (except Sunday) from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.@ the ROV office located on the 1st floor of the Government Towers building. Call 873-6533 for more information.

Appeals Department

      1.  How much does an appeal costs?
      The cost of preparing an appeal to the Court of Appeal varies depending on the size
      of the record. The more voluminous the record, the more the costs.
      2.  How long does it take for an appeal to be decided?
      There is no set time by the Court of Appeal for making a decision on an appeal that
      has been lodged with them.  It is not unusual for an appeal to take six (6) months
      or longer for a decision.  Some decisions take a year or longer.
      3.  Why hasn’t my appeal been filed with the Court of Appeal yet?
      There are many reasons why an appeal may not have been sent to the Court of
      Appeal.  The most common are:
  • The Clerk of Court’s Office is awaiting all transcripts to be transcribed and filed by the Court Reporter.
  • All costs to lodge the appeal have not been paid by the appellant.



Bookkeeping Department


  1. Why am I being billed in a certain Civil case?

    Typically you will receive a bill from the Clerk of Court’s Office because you have an open account with a balance due OR you have been ordered by an order of the Court to pay costs.

  2. How much does it cost to file a dismissal in a Civil matter?

    The fee, as set by statute for dismissal in a Civil matter, varies. Please call the Clerk’s Office @ (985) 868-5660 and ask for the Bookkeeping Department.

  3. Can I get a printout of costs in my case?

    Yes, you can get a printout of the costs incurred in a case and the balance due. Simply call the Clerk’s Office @ (985) 868-5660 and ask for the Bookkeeping Department.

  4. How much does it cost to file a cancellation?

    The fee for filing a cancellation in a Civil matter is as follows:

    $6.00 for a request for cancellation form

    $12.00 for filing of the cancellation

    $15.00 for a certificate of “No Revival”

    However, if there are current costs outstanding, a cancellation may not be permitted by the Court until all costs have been paid.

  5. Can I get the costs of one particular party in a Civil matter?

    Yes, you can request the costs of any particular party in any Civil matter. Simply call the Clerk’s Office @ (985) 868-5660 and ask for the Bookkeeping Department.

  6. Can I find out the total costs remaining in a Civil matter?

    Yes, by calling the Clerk’s Office @ (985) 868-5660 and asking for the Bookkeeping Department.

Civil Processing Department

     1.   Do you have divorce and custody forms for filing in proper person?

   No.  The Clerk's office does not provide forms.  You must provide your own petition
            for divorce and/or custody matters.
      2.   Can the Clerk's office help me to fill out my Domestic Abuse Petition or
            other forms?
            No.  The Clerk's office cannot assist with the filling out of the Petition for Domestic
            Abuse or any other documents.
       3.   Can you tell me the name of the Judge my case has been allotted
              to and/or the date of my hearing?
            Yes.  Simply call the Clerk's office @ 985-868-5660 and ask for the Civil Processing
            Department and a clerk can give you that information.
       4.   Can you tell me the name of the attorneys representing the other parties
              in my case?
              Yes.  We can give you the names of all parties of record.
      5.   I have a question about an adoption.  Can you help me?
            No.  Adoptions are sealed records and only the attorneys of record in the Adoption
            are allowed to view these records.  The parties in the Adoption, including the child
            who was adopted can not view the record or be given information about the case
            without a Court order.
      6.   Why can't I read the minutes of court from my home computer when I do
            an online search?

             As of now, minutes of court are not yet available for online viewing, but should
             become available in the future.
       7.   Can your department give me legal advice?
            No.  The Clerk's office cannot give legal advice of any kind.  Please consult with an
            attorney about your legal matters.
      8.   What is the procedure for filing for a divorce in proper person?

 Instructions for Filing for Divorce in Proper Person
      If you need any further assistance, please call our Civil Processing
     Department @ 985-868-5660.



Civil Records Department


  • How far back do our original records date?

    Original records are available from 1822.

  • Can I view a record from 100 years ago?

    Yes, you can view any record from 1822 through the current date. All records must be viewed in the Office of the Clerk of Court.

  • Can I take a record home with me to look through?

    No records of any kind are permitted to be removed from the Office of the Clerk of Court.


Criminal Processing Department  

      1.    Does the Clerk of Court’s Office provide Motions for Expungement?
            The Clerk's office has the approved forms available for download on this site
            effective August 12, 2015.   Please go to the Forms link on the home page and
            scroll down to Expungements or click here.  If you need help or have other
            questions about expungements, please call the Expungement hotline @
            504-345-8911.  Our office cannot give you legal advice on filing an
      2.    If I miss my Court appearance, can the Clerk’s Office assign me another
            Court date?
            No. You must contact the District Attorney’s Office for a new Court date.

      3.      Is there a charge to issue a subpoena in a Criminal matter?

            There is no charge for issuance of subpoenas of 6 or less in criminal misdemeanor
            matters and no charge for issuance of subpoenas of 15 or less in criminal felony
      4.      How much do you charge for a copy of a document in a Criminal record?
            There is a charge of $1.00 per page. If you need the copy certified, there is an
            additional charge of $5.00.
      5.     Is there a charge for a criminal records search?
            Yes, the charge for a criminal search is $25.00 per name. However, if the search is
            for background checks for apartment rentals or for the School Board Office, you must
            have these done at the Sheriff's Office.

      6.  Can I file a request for subpoenas or motion by fax in a criminal matter?
            No.  Our office does not accept fax filing in criminal, non-support, or juvenile matters.


Conveyance/Copy Department


   1.   How far back do Conveyance records date?

         Our records date back to 1814 to the present.

   2.   When requesting a search of a Bill of Sale or other recorded document, what
should I provide?

         It would be very helpful to provide the name(s) of the parties involved and the year, or
         approximate year, the transaction occurred.
   3.   Do you accept credit cards for payment of copies?
         Yes, our office now accepts credit cards.  You may also pay with cash.  However, our                office does not accept checks.




   1.   When do you have to be re-certified as an Election Commissioner?

         When you initially become a certified Commissioner you are certified for the term
         of the Clerk who conducted the certification school. Once the Clerk’s term ends you
         must be certified for the next term by the incoming Clerk of Court.  All current certified
         Commissioners will be notified by mail of any upcoming classes. For more information
         contact the Elections Department.
   2.   What are the commissioners paid for serving in an election?

         A certified Commissioner is paid $200.00 per election worked. A certified Commissioner-
         in-Charge is paid $250.00 per election worked. If a Commissioner-in-Charge handles
         more than one precinct, the pay is $300.00 per election worked.
   3.   Where can I find out where I vote?

         You may contact the Registrar of Voters Office at (985) 868-6802 to find out where
         you are registered to vote. If you have internet access you may go to
         www.geauxvote.com to find this information.
   4.   Where do I go to Early Vote?

         Early Voting is conducted at the Registrar of Voters Office which is located on the
         first floor of the Government Tower building at the corner of Gabasse and Main St.
         You may call the Registrar of voters Office at (985) 873-6533 to find out the dates
         for Early Voting in an election.
   5.   Where do I get information about qualifying for public office?

         You may contact the Elections Department at (985) 868-7113. We will be happy to
         answer any questions you have about qualifying, including qualifications, qualifying
         fee, dates for qualifying, and the term of office. You may also visit the Elections          Department which is  located at 415 Goode St., Houma, LA.  You may also go online
         to  www.geauxvote.com to find this  information.
   6.   Where do I get results from previous elections?

          You may contact the Elections Department at (985) 868-6802. We will be happy to
          research the information you need. You may also visit the Election Department which is
          located at 415 Goode St., Houma, LA.  You may also click here to direct you to the
         Secretary of State's office for more information. 


Jury/Passport Department


   1.   How does a name get into the juror system?

         There are two ways your name is placed for selection as a prospective juror:

  • Through the Registrar of Voters as a registered voter.
  • Through the Department of Motor Vehicles as a licensed driver.
   2.   Are there any exemptions which would disqualify me to serve as a juror?

         The Supreme Court of Louisiana has established certain categories of persons who may
         claim an exemption from jury service. These are:
  • Persons who have served as a Juror during a period of two years immediately preceding their report date;
  • All persons seventy years of age or older;

One must expressly claim an exemption. It is not automatically granted. If you wish to claim one of these exemptions please contact the District Court Coordinator at 985-873-6589.

   3.   How much do jurors get paid?

         Jurors are paid $25.00 per day and .16 cents per mile each way.

         Prospective Jurors are paid $25.00 per day and .16 cents per mile each way.

         Witnesses in Court are paid as well.  The pay for a witness is $3.00 per day in a Criminal
         matter and .10 cents per mile each way.  In a Civil matter witnesses are paid $8.00 per
         day and .08 cents per mile each way.

         All payments are issued through Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government (Finance
         Department). Payment generally takes about 2-4 weeks to process.

   4.   When I report for Jury Duty, how long can I expect to stay?

         When you are summoned for Jury Duty it can be for more than just that one day.
         However, that is determined by each individual case and the type of case (Criminal, Civil
         or Grand Jury).  You should be prepared to report for the week or until discharged. 
   5.   How long does it take for my Passport to arrive in the mail?
         Currently, Passport book processing takes 4-6 weeks.  However, you may pay an
         additional $80.66 (expedited fee of $60.00 plus return overnight postage of $20.66)
         to receive your expedited Passport book within 2-3 weeks.
         The expedited fee of $80.66 should be combined with the Passport book fee of $110 or
         $80.00 and paid by a single check or money order to the U. S. Department of State.

         For more information on Passports, please click on the following link:



   1.   When applying for a Marriage License, can I use a copy of a Birth Certificate?
         No.  We cannot accept copies of a Birth Certificate.  You must have a State certified
         Birth Certificate with the official seal.
   2.   Do you accept checks or credit/debit cards for payment of Marriage Licenses
         or Birth Certificates/Birth cards? 
         No.  We accept cash only.

Mortgage Department


   1.   How much will it cost to cancel a judgment that has been recorded?

         Costs for cancellation of a judgment should be obtained from the court jurisdiction of
         its original rendition. (i.e. If a Judgment was issued out of the 32nd Judicial District
         Court, cost may be obtained by calling our office and asking for the Bookkeeping
         Department. If a Judgment was rendered out of the City Court of Houma, you must call
         City Court @ (985) 868-4232 for court and cancellation cost. You should have the
         docket number ready for the Clerk to quote you fees on that particular case.

   2.   How do I proceed in ordering a Property Bond to use to bail someone out of

         You may proceed in the following manner:
  • A Certificate of Ownership must be obtained from the Terrebonne Parish Assessor's Office and delivered to the Mortgage Department to begin the process of issuing the Mortgage Certificate for the property bond.
  • The order will be taken for the property bond Mortgage Certificate and you will be informed as to what time your order will be ready for pick up. Any property bonds ordered after 1 p.m. will be available on the next business day.
  • All Mortgage Certificates issued for property bonds must be prepaid at the time of ordering.
   3.   What do I need to bring to the Clerk’s office to cancel my mortgage?

         You will need to bring the original cancellation instrument that meets state statutes 
         that you received from your bank or lending institution after you paid your mortgage
   4.   Can you tell me if there are any outstanding liens on a certain piece of
         property or name?

         Our office is prohibited from giving that information verbally by telephone. You may
         either order a mortgage certificate that our staff will prepare or you may choose to
         research this information on your own.
   5.   Can I obtain recording information on a particular document filed in the
         mortgage records by telephone?

         Our office will not quote any recording information on any document by telephone. You
         must submit that request in writing or visit the office to obtain that information.
   6.   How much will it cost to cancel my mortgage?

         Cost for cancellation of your mortgage will be determined in accordance with the
         instrument sent to you from your lending institution. Please refer to the fee chart
         on this website for pricing.
         An example of pricing a cancellation instrument is as follows:
  • $25.00 for first page of instrument if it has a 2” top margin and 1” side and bottom margin
  • (If the margins do not meet regulation, there is also $10.00 penalty for filing)
  • $10.00 for each additional page after the first (up to 9 pages)
  • $5.00 to index mortgagor/debtor name including any maiden name
  • $6.00 handling and processing fee for each mailed in packet containing cancellations
  • $3.00 for stamped copy OR $5.00 for certified copy to be returned
  • $10.00 for each inscription that needs to be executed on that cancellation instrument.
      (If the mortgage has ever been assigned, assumed, corrected or modified, there is an
      additional $10.00 charge per inscription)
    7.   Why should I have to pay for the cancellation of my mortgage? Shouldn’t
         my mortgage company pay for it?

         This is an issue that has to be addressed between you and your mortgage company.
         Some companies mail it directly to our office with the correct filing fees for cancellation.
         Other companies send the release to the mortgagor and inform them to bring it in for
         cancellation.  When the mortgagor brings in the cancellation they have to pay for the
         cancellation at the time it is presented to us for cancellation and recording.




   1.   How long from the time you receive my document will it be recorded and
         mailed back?

         If the document has the proper funds and needs to be filed in Terrebonne Parish, the
         document is recorded on the date of receipt. If a copy of the document being recorded
         is requested, it will be mailed out the following business day.
   2.   Can I record a copy of the original document?

         In Terrebonne Parish the Clerk of Court’s Office is the holder of the original documents
         presented for recording, so the original document should be recorded.  In those
         instances where a copy is recorded the document is stamped “NOT ORIGINAL
         SIGNATURES” at the time of recording.

         Many states record documentation and return the original to the party. However, in
         Terrebonne Parish we are the holder of original acts. This also allows us to do
         certifications on the original documents that we hold. We cannot certify a copy to be a
         TRUE copy of the original if we don’t have the original.
   3.   Does my document need to be recorded? Can’t I just keep it in a safe place? 

         According to Louisiana statutes, Original Acts such as transfers, donations, sales,
         mortgages, etc. should be recorded. If it is not recorded we have no way of knowing
         that the transaction has occurred and thus cannot maintain accurate records. It also
         serves to put any other interested party on notice that the transaction has occurred.
   4.   Why is my information being published in the newspaper?

         The Clerk of Court’s Office does not publish or control what information is published in
         the local newspaper. Certain entities or contract companies retrieve their information
         from the documentation that is filed in our office. Except for Juvenile matters,
         Adoptions, and records sealed by Court Order, our records are public.  Therefore, we
         have no control over publication.
   5.   Who can pick up a will if it is being held at the Clerk’s Office for safekeeping?

         We offer the safekeeping of wills as a courtesy to the public, but it is not required.  If
         you bring in your will for safekeeping, you (with proper identification) will be the only
         person who can remove it. If a will is brought in by a local attorney then that attorney
         or designee can remove the will. If the person is deceased and the will was not brought
         in by an attorney, a Court Order will have to be prepared, signed by a Judge, and
         presented to the Clerk’s Office to remove the will from our office.
   6.   What is the difference between a stamped copy and a certified copy?

         The stamped and certified copy have all of the same basic recording information such as
         file number, date, time, book number and page. The only difference is that the certified
         copy has a seal on it with the signature of a Deputy Clerk.
   7.   What does your office consider a conformed copy?

         A conformed copy is a copy that has all of the same basic recording information and is
         an exact duplicate of the original. But, it does NOT have the certification of the Clerk of
         Court’s Office.
   8.   Do I need to sign the clergy book in order to perform marriages? 

         If a person intends to perform marriages in Terrebonne Parish, that person is
         required to bring proof of ordination and sign our clergy book.  They must come in
         person with proper identification.
   9.   When pricing a document for recording, why am I charged for all those
         extra names – maiden names, formerly known as, etc?

            According to Louisiana statutes, our documents are indexed by name. All names that
            are listed on a document are indexed and there is a cost of $5.00 for each name. We
            index all names relative to a document to include maiden names as well as doing
            business as (dba) and formally known as (fka). All of the known names are indexed so
            that when a records search is performed ALL variations of an individual’s name
            appear, making the search more accurate.
   10.   What is the smallest font on a document that your office will accept?

            The type size shall not be less than 8 point.

   11.   Do you have margin requirements for recording?

            The first page of a document can not have less than a two inch margin on the top
            and one inch on the sides and bottom.  If not, you will be charged a $10.00 non
            compliance fee.
   12.   If I send a prepaid self-addressed envelope, do I still have to pay the $6.00
            handling and processing fee?

            It is your option to send in a self –addressed stamped envelope, but the handling fee
            of $6.00 will still apply.
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