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  • Our office accepts credit cards for payments on accounts, copies, and advanced costs. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
  • You can now go to and search mortgage and conveyance indices of all participating parishes at no charge. If you find a record that you would like to access, the portal will connect you to the website of that specific Clerk of Court.
Recording Department
The Recording Department is located on the first floor of the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Ph:     (985) 868-5660
Fax:    (985) 868-5143


Supervisor:  Christine LeCompte


The Recording Department is responsible for the filing of Conveyance, Mortgage and various
other miscellaneous documents in Terrebonne Parish.  At the time a document is presented to a
recording clerk, it is checked for accuracy, given an entry number with book and page number
and the date, hour and minute of filing.  They are then recorded and scanned into the Clerk’s
computer system, after which they become immediately available to the public for viewing.
The documents are then given to the Mortgage Department for processing and the
Indexing Department for Indexing.  At time of indexing, the documents are again reviewed
and checked for errors.  The original documents are then sent to Map Department for binding.
Unlike most other states, original documents sent to the Clerk of the District Court and Officio Recorder are not returned to the sender.  The filing party may obtain certified copies of the original documents with the Clerk’s endorsement at the time of filing from the Recording
Department.  After filing, the copies may be obtained from the Copy Department.
The Recording Department also files, free of charge, Oaths of Office of Notaries, Sheriff’s Deputies, Deputy Clerks of Court and other parish officials, as well as military discharge forms.
The Recording Department also oversees all direct billing for open accounts for recording, as well
as the Mortgage, Copy and Map Departments.


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