Honorable Theresa A. Robichaux

Clerk of Court



Death certificates are only available from our office for those deaths occurring from July 1, 2012 to present.  Please click here for more information.

Bookkeeping Department

The Bookkeeping Department is located in the basement of the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Phone: 985-868-5660

Fax: 985-868-8166

Supervisor: Anita Arceneaux


The Bookkeeping Department is responsible for the posting of all monies and the closing and billing of all Civil cases that are transacted through the Civil Department, except for new suits and new Successions. All Dismissals, Satisfactions of Judgment, Cancellations, and Judgments in Civil cases are processed through the Bookkeeping Department and billed accordingly.


All Domestic Abuse Judgments of Dismissals are processed through Bookkeeping and copies disbursed to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, Houma Police Department, the Louisiana Protection Order Registry, and all other parties involved.


Bookkeeping also backs up the main computer system and assures that the backups are completed successfully every day, as well as shutting down the computer system in the event of a power failure or natural disaster.


At the close of every business day, an End of Day Report is done by Bookkeeping to assure that all accounts are balanced.


Bookkeeping provides cost quotes for Sheriff sales to the Mortgage Department and Sheriff’s Office every Wednesday for the Sheriff sales. Once the Sheriff’s office processes these sales, the information is returned for posting of the checks and writs to the respective Civil dockets.


All Civil appeals processed through the 32nd Judicial District must go through Bookkeeping for estimated costs and proper billing.


All Jury Venires used in a Civil jury trial are processed through Bookkeeping for proper payment of prospective jurors by the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government.

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