Terrebonne Clerk

Minute Clerks Department

The Minute Clerks Department is located in the basement of the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Supervisor: Haley Blanchard

The Minute Clerks are responsible for transcribing in condensed form what occurs in Court for both the Civil and Criminal Courts, including Juvenile matters. There is one Minute Clerk assigned to each of the five District Judges and one to the Hearing Officer. Other personnel in this department assist the Minute Clerks in the typing of minutes and also in the courtroom whenever the need arises.
The Minute Clerks administer the oath to all jurors and witnesses and process evidence introduced by the State, plaintiff, and/or defense attorneys. All Minute Clerks perform their duties in Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile proceedings. Minute Clerks also swear in and perform the roll call for the Grand Jury proceedings.