Terrebonne Clerk

Passport Department

The Passport Department is located at 415 Goode St., one block from the Old Courthouse building.


Supervisor: Rebecca Carlos

The Passport Department is responsible for assisting individuals who appear and fill out an application for a passport. We cannot fill it out for you. You can go to www.travel.state.gov and fill out the application before you come into the office as it is quite lengthy and time-consuming. You MUST use black ink only on your application.

To be issued a passport you must appear in person and have the following:
  • A properly filled-out application;
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship, which is an original or a certified copy of your birth certificate or naturalization certificate;
  • Proof of identity (a valid driver’s license, government ID card, etc.);
  • One (1) passport picture measuring 2″ x 2″ each. Click here for passport picture regulations.
Both parents and the child must be present when applying for a child’s passport.


Please click here for a list of all fees for an adult or child’s passport.  All fees are payable by check or money order to the U. S. Department of State. This passport is valid for ten years. It is now taking approximately 8-11 weeks to receive.

In addition to the costs for a regular or expedited passport, there is a $35.00 processing fee payable by cash only to the Clerk of Court. (This fee applies to each passport application for minors and adults.)

You may apply for an expedited passport which is now taking approximately 5 weeks to receive. Click here for costs for an expedited passport.


The fees for a passport renewal are the same as above except for the $35 processing fee. This fee is waived for each renewed passport.

To see if your passport is renewable, click here for the list of renewable circumstances allowed by the passport office.