Terrebonne Clerk

Archives Department

The Archives department is located in the basement of the  old courthouse building in the office of the Clerk of Court.

Supervisor: Brenda Lovoi

The Archives department was created in 2018 and is responsible for the back-scanning of all records into the computer system. The objective of the Archives department is to have an electronic record of every original document available for viewing. This process will allow records to be stored safely for viewing, as well as backed up electronically to an off-site location for safekeeping.
As records are stored into the Clerk’s computer data system, those records are then manually relocated into on-site storage to make room in the departments for the more recent filings. All original records that must be maintained by the Clerk of Court are available to view either by computer or in its original form.
The Archives department is also responsible for the retention schedule of all records in the possession of the Clerk of Court in every area of the office. Ms. Lovoi is also the liaison with the Secretary of State’s office for retention purposes.